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Do It My Way Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

Do you ever get off of a sales call and think…why did I say that? I have done it many times but the more I sell over the years, the more I have perfected my pitch and the more sales I get! 
Make sure your words aren't killing the sale for you! I have listened to hundreds of sales calls from clients I am coaching...

Feb 17, 2022

Did you know that text messaging isn’t just a convenient, easy way to chat with your friends but a powerful mobile marketing tool for small businesses?
SMS or text marketing allows you to connect directly with your loyal customers or even potential clients on their phones giving you an intimate way to nurture...

Feb 10, 2022

There are small, disciplined things you can do in your everyday life that will set you up to be more productive. You will notice this spills over into every area of your life once you start to be disciplined in one area!
Here are 10 ways to be more productive and avoid laziness that will improve your personal and...