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Do It My Way Podcast

Sep 8, 2022

I was going to Target yesterday and I saw these 14 or 15 year old boys who were in their soccer uniforms holding up signs for donations for a tournament. What have we done to our kids if they think all they need to do is stand there with a sign and get donations?

What can we do to create that work ethic in our children? I worry about my kids all of the time. Am I giving them too much? Sure, they both have jobs in the summers and are busy during the school year with extra curricular activities, but should I have them be doing more? Is doing the dishes after dinner enough? The craziest feeling is when you drop off your child at college and a thousand thoughts run through your head. Did I prepare them for being on their own?  Should I have done more, said more, been more strict? Parenting is hard and I don’t think anyone has all of the answers, but here are some valuable lessons I learned along the way on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!