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Do It My Way Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

If you flip on the news, it’s doomsday. The recession is here, gas and food prices are at an all time high, and interest rates have gone up. They want to scare you into a poverty mindset of staying home, not spending money, laying off employees, and preparing for the worst. I hate this mentality which is why I choose to not watch the news. I even worked in TV news for 10 years. I can’t even stand watching it because it’s one negative story after the other telling you it’s doomsday. I get it, there are bad things happening in the world and the economy has shifted, but there are many businesses who absolutely thrive during a recession. It’s the people that aren’t scared, keep spending money to make money, and don’t lay off their staff that end up on top!
Find out how to Avoid Layoffs by Just Selling More on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!