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Do It My Way Podcast

Mar 23, 2023

How present are you in your day-to-day interactions as a leader? Or as a mom, a friend or a spouse? I can tell you right now, this is one of the things I struggle with the most! Learning to be present in your day to day interactions with your team and with clients will up your leadership game!

Often, many of us let distractions (online & offline) hold us back from fully being present in the moment. This prevents us from giving our entire attention to the conversation or the task at hand. As a result, we aren't able to give our 100% to anything, and end up missing key details or opportunities. While this already sounds like a bad thing, it's even worse in the case of leaders.

I find myself distracted so easily with emails, text messages, phone calls, slack messages, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok notifications and more! You really could spend an entire 8 hour day just answering notifications and getting nothing done. I see it in my coaching clients and find myself guilty of it all of the time.

Here are three key qualities of a present leader on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast at!