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Do It My Way Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Can you think of a time in your life when money played a factor in an important decision you made? Or maybe you couldn't make the right decision because you did have the money to do so. My mom got pregnant in high school with my older brother and had to quickly get married because my dad’s family was Catholic and lived in a small town in Kansas where having a baby out of wedlock was unheard of at the time. My mom was an amazing mom who raised three kids and sacrificed all of her dreams to be a mom. She always says being a mom is all she ever wanted to do but before she turned 40, my dad had an affair and left her. She had no high school degree, she had only gotten her GED but never worked a day in her life and she found herself a single mom of three kids needing to get a job. She stayed in that marriage longer than she needed to because of money. What would she do? Who would hire a single mom with no college degree or work experience? I saw money dictate her decisions. I was in 7th grade and vowed right then and there I would never rely on anyone for money. I would be self sufficient and if I needed to pack up my kids and move to have a better life, I would do it. 
I read a quote the other day that hit home for me and reminded me of that story. “Money or the lack thereof will put you at the mercy of someone else.” There is not a more true statement. When you don’t have your own money, you are at the mercy of the person paying you.
Here are six ways to manage your money in your small business on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!