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Do It My Way Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

I can’t believe I am on my 100th podcast! What a fun learning experience with ups and downs. I originally wanted to write a book, but realized I am a much better talker than I am a writer, so I shifted my focus to launching a podcast. I have several coaching clients that I have helped launch podcasts so I also thought I better practice what I preach and launch one myself! I get asked a lot of questions about my podcast so I just answer a few of the most common questions for you:

Is my podcast perfect? HECK NO!

Did it take me out of my comfort zone? YES! 

Did it help me learn and grow? YES!

Has my podcast made me a ton of money? NO!

Has it helped brand me as an expert in marketing and business? YES!

Does it provide great advice to business owners and anyone wanting to master marketing? HECK YES!

Is it easy? Some days YES, some days NO!

Since this is my 100th episode, I thought I would do a podcast about what I have learned over the last 100 episodes. If you are thinking of launching a podcast, listen up!