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Do It My Way Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Accounting is not my thing. It has never been! I would rather spend money than save money. Who wouldn’t? I am all about rewarding myself for hard work and I like instant gratification. I never have the poverty mindset because I know I can always make more money! But, as your business scales and grows and suddenly you are bringing in $100k a month, you have to learn to control your finances. And you have payroll you have to make and other business expenses that come up.
I tried to do my own accounting for years and made so many mistakes. It was just stupid. I was spending hours doing something I am terrible about because I didn’t trust anyone to do it but really I shouldn’t have trusted myself! Math was never my thing! Why am I torturing myself trying to do this? It made no sense and was actually hurting my bottom line, not helping it! 
Learn the six mistakes to avoid when starting or scaling a business!