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Do It My Way Podcast

Apr 13, 2023

I do a lot of personal branding coaching and one thing I always say when they are starting is, “You’ll never regret launching your personal brand!” It will follow you wherever you go! Let’s just say you are a well known attorney and you are an expert in your field. No one outside of your field would know this unless you built a personal brand around it and started posting as you are the expert on your social media. Then you create a podcast on a subject you are passionate about or an expert on. Then you decide to launch a website with your personal brand to put your podcasts on and have a place for people to inquire about hiring you. Then you decide to write a book on the same subject and put it on your website for sale. This will lead to speaking engagements that may be for exposure in the beginning and eventually you start getting paid $10,000 to speak for one hour on the subject because you are the expert! Then you are asked to consult businesses and individuals on your expertise and get paid to do it! Do you see how starting to post as an expert on your social media can lead to a full blown business?
If you are thinking of launching a personal brand, check out these five steps on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!