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Do It My Way Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

Well they don’t call it the January blues for nothing. This time of year can be very depressing for many people as the holidays are over, you probably spent more money than you wanted to, maybe even gained a few pounds with all of the parties and it all starts to set in. Maybe you aren’t where you want to be in life and the new year reminds you of that. Another year older and nowhere closer to your goals. And if you live in my part of the country, it doesn’t help that the days are short, cold and often dreary. For me, it is harder to be happy after the holidays because there is nothing to look forward to.
I recently read The Happiness Advantage where it says happiness comes first and then success will follow! The book shares 7 ways to create happiness in your life. It says not all of them will work for everyone but encourages you to pick the ones that interest you and be diligent about doing them!
I thought I would share them with you today because I have definitely seen a trend with my clients where the happiest clients are the ones that gain momentum and propel themselves into success! I know in my own life when I am happy I feel like I can sell anything and there’s nothing that will stop me from success!
Check out the 7 Keys to a Happy Life on the latest episode of the DO IT MY WAY Podcast!