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Do It My Way Podcast

Jan 13, 2022

It’s the start of a new year which is often a start of new beginnings, new habits, new goals. Every year I like to reflect on the year we are ending before I set my goals for the new year. This used to mostly be about my numbers in business. Was I growing? Did the new marketing plans we implemented create a return on investment? Did our new systems and processes work well? Was there room for improvement? The older I get the less I am worrying about the money that is being made as much as I am worrying about quality of life. Did I get time off to do the things I wanted to do? Was I prioritizing my health, my family and taking care of them along with running my business?
Have you reflected on what you did in your business and personal life in 2021? Now's a great time to start! Check out my formula for grading my progress and coming up with new goals for 2022!