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Do It My Way Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

What if you could predict your customers' next move and improve their overall customer journey?
You’ve probably been hearing a lot about artificial intelligence and how it is changing the world. The world of marketing is no exception! Maybe you’ve heard people talk about AI but aren’t sure what it is? AI...

Mar 23, 2023

How present are you in your day-to-day interactions as a leader? Or as a mom, a friend or a spouse? I can tell you right now, this is one of the things I struggle with the most! Learning to be present in your day to day interactions with your team and with clients will up your leadership game!

Often, many of us let...

Mar 16, 2023

Working with entrepreneurs for the last 20 years, there are some common traits I have discovered that make them successful. No matter what their business is or what industry they are in, their age, sex or income level, I have found the most successful entrepreneurs possess the following traits on the latest episode of...

Mar 9, 2023

There are two reasons you can get people to buy your product or service:

  1. Get them out of pain

  2. Bring them pleasure

Let’s talk about pain for a minute. Think of the weight loss industry. They are playing off of pain. It is painful to be overweight, unhealthy, have low self esteem and feel bad about the way you...