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Do It My Way Podcast

Sep 14, 2023

Sometimes it's hard to look at the good life when things are crumbling around you, but mindset is everything! 

Mia Fleming is a highly accomplished and captivating TV host, known for her magnetic personality, infectious energy, and strong journalistic background. At the height of her career, Mia had a paralyzing realization that success doesn’t always equal fulfillment.  She left her successful career, committed to letting go of limiting beliefs, prepared to face her fears, and got out of her comfort zone. Mia came face to face with adversity from infertility to related health ailments which led to years of debilitating pain. Yet, she continually reminded herself to look for the good in life, and she began to find it again. 

At the height of the pandemic, she decided to create TV segments called the “GOOD Life List” -- a play on bucket lists, but instead they are about living life to the fullest and sharing good life lessons by daring herself to take different adventures and inspiring viewers to live their lives to the fullest. The TV segments are a part of her Hello GOOD Life with Mia! brand which exists to provide people with the tools, community, content, and inspiration needed to live their own good lives. Find out how Mia used a positive mindset when she was facing adversity to launch Hello Good Life with Mia Fleming, which goes on tour across America this fall.